Why BootCoachBob ?

Learn all about the maintenance of your boat with BoatCoachBob.com

Hi, I’m Meindert Giessen, the founder of BoatCoachBob.com.


Since 2008 I have a private boat (a Hurley 750 cabin sailing yacht). I soon realized how difficult it is to find good and unambiguous information on the internet about maintaining my boat.

In books on yacht maintenance I found good information, but the photographs and drawings in these books still were unclear to me.

There must be another way“, I thought. So I started BoatCoachBob.com. You will find articles, video courses, useful links, etc. that will, in plain-spoken word, tell you how you can perform a number of boat jobs according to the rules of art.

I have a crew of experts who guide me to insure that the provided information makes sense (or at least, as much as possible).

Nose around and take a look on my site!



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